1. Physical Infrastructure

  • Developed office space with furniture and air conditioning.
  • Personal computers
  • Internet connectivity

2. Common Infratructure

    Incubator will provide following facilities to the company (promoters) which will be shared by all companies located in TBI :
  • Teleconferencing facilities.
  • Meeting/ Conference room.

3. In addition to physical and common infrastructure the company will avail other services like:

  1. Network of mentors and experts:
  2. Incubatee will facilitate liasion with mentors, professionals and experts in technology, legal, financial and related matters.

  3. Event and Meetings
  4. Incubator will organize the events to facilitate the companies located in the TBI in networking and to showcase their technologies. Incubator will also facilitate meetings with visitors of MIT such as Alumni, Venture capitalists, Industry professionals.

4. Incubator will also facilitate access to departmental laboratories of MIT by the company (promoters) for their product development purposes with approval of the concerned department and as per the existing policy of MIT for consultancy/sponsored projects.

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