Admission Procedure

The Procedure for prospective Incubatee (who wishes to start company) to get admitted to the incubator
  1. They need to collect pre- application questionnaire from MUTBI office
  2. The filled pre-application questionnaire with supporting business plan and resume of the promoters need to be submitted to the office of MUTBI.
  3. The committee of experts will evaluate the pre- application questionnaire
  4. The recommendation of the committee will be communicated to the prospective Incubatee within 7 working days.
  5. The accepted prospective Incubatee will have to fill in the application form available in the office of MUTBI
  6. The prospective incubatees will be informed about the decision taken by the committee members
  7. The accepted incubatees have to sign the service agreement and equity agreement (if any).
  8. Once admitted to MUTBI, the incubatee company is advised to register in ROC as Private limited company.
  9. In case a incubatee require some funding in the form of loan the incubatee will have to fill in the loan application form.
  10. The incubatees are required to present the proposal to the concerned Management Committee. The sanction of the amount to the particular proposal will be done based on the recommendations of the Management Committee Members.

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